Componize is a DITA CMS that optimizes the large-scale production of business-critical documents.
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    Introducing branch, compare, merge, etc.
    Controlling updates has never been easier!
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    Introducing our end-to-end, secure hosted XML content management solution
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  • Componize is modernizing
    business information management
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    NXP Semiconductors deploys a worldwide Componize DITA CMS solution for its documentation
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Componize is a DITA content management system that optimizes the authoring, management and publishing of high-volume product information such as product documentation or learning content. Combining enterprise-wide collaboration, ease of use, scalability and an open architecture, it provides the full range of features that organizations need today for their content strategy. Spend less time organizing, searching for and re-doing content, and more time creating real value through better reuse and faster multi-channel production. Componize is today modernizing information development for AMD, SAP and Merck, among others. Pick up a case study, or take a tour.

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Webinar June 30: Webinar JUNE 30: Yes you can reuse and publish to Web and PDF with Word and Alfresco

A 30-minute free webinar to see how you can simply create structured content and enjoy multichannel publishing in the blink of an eye.

Register to our free webinar and discover how Componize and Content Mapper help Alfresco their customers enjoy the benefits of structured and topic-based writing.

During this webinar you’ll see how you can find your latest up-to-date topic, edit and reuse content, publish to multiple outputs, and get your reviewers to participate in the review workflows.

Join us for a webinar on Jun 30, 2015 at 10AM USA EST - 4:00 PM CEST



Rencontrons-nous à Chicago pour la conférence CMS/DITA 

Rencontrons-nous à Chicago pour l'une des plus importantes conférences sur la rédaction structurée, les nouvelles technologies et le développement des contenus...

Avec quatre possibilités dédiées au management, à la modélisation et développement de l'information, aux solutions techniques et aux technologies émergentes, vous trouverez un excellent choix de présentations et de présentateurs. 

Frank Shipley, le directeur technique de Componize, présentera les scénarios qui vous permettront un meilleur contrôle sur vos contenus.

Pensez à le noter dans votre agenda si vous avez plusieurs releases documentaires, des mises à jour continuelles, des équipes dispersées, ou des développements asynchrones !

Assurez-vous de participer au cocktail d'accueil dimanche et rejoignez-nous sur notre stand.


Componize to exhibit at CMS/DITA North America - Chicago!

With four tracks dedicated to management, information design and development, technical solutions and emerging technologies, you'll find the best line up for structured writing and user assistance in a single conference. 

Frank Shipley, Componize's very own CTO, will present the scenarios for an increased control on your content. Make sure to tick his presentation on your agenda if you have multiple documentation releases, ongoing updates, geographically dispersed teams, or asynchronous content development!

Make sure to arrive early to benefit from the welcome cocktail and visit our booth.


Componize supports CMS/DITA Europe 2014 - November 18-19, Munich, Germany 

Come and join us!

If you develop, produce, and deliver technical information today, you know that “content is everything.” You also know that you have to keep costs under control and provide new solutions that deliver content in multiple ways to your customers. You’ve thought about “chunking” your content into smaller, reusable topics, but you don’t know how to get started. You’ve already begun your DITA implementation but you want to know what new features are coming in DITA 1.3.

DITA Europe is your best starting point. 

We are a community of people who believe that international standards, structured content, reuse capabilities, and multiple media delivery are the directions of the future. Come join us.

Conference website


Free educational webinar: DITA Release Management

Updated on May 20, 2014 at 3:08 PM by Registered CommenterNolwenn Kerzreho

You may think that an efficient versioning, branch and merge solution is all that we need to manage our DITA source files and releases effectively. There are subtle differences however, between configuration management (versioning, branch and merge) and release management. After a thorough analysis of our requirements for DITA release management, the presenter will share his knowledge of software release management and identify the methods and tools that are widely used by software developers and that are as equally applicable in the information development world.

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