Componize is a DITA CMS that optimizes the authoring, management, translation and publishing of business documents at the enterprise scale, and for any level of expertise.

It’s an enterprise platform that allows anybody to securely create and collaborate on high-volume documents, such as:

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Componize’s exceptional customer service and dedication help us meet our challenging deployment timelines.

Kimberlee Adam, PMP, DITA Systems Manager
Kaplan Professional Education

Kaplan Inc. is a Componize DITA CMS client

DITA and Componize has really proven the right path for Esko!

David Heijl, Customer Engagement Platform Manager


Outstanding support by @componize, with critical bug fixing and release on 31st. Thanks, and happy new year! (via Twitter)

Colin Maudry, DITA implementer
NXP Semiconductors


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