Involving your team in adopting DITA and Componize

When one of our customer’s documentation manager gave the opportunity for the core authoring team to get involved in selecting a DITA and a DITA CMS, people were reluctant to dive into a new tool and architecture, although the expectations ran high. Not only did they have to handle their own day-to-day work (releases can’t wait!) but they were at the same time deeply involved in modeling their content for DITA. “We don’t have time for this!”, they claimed.

However, after the “kick-off”(1) meeting with a Componize consultant, the team was able to quickly handle their new collaboration site, understand the DITA mechanics, and follow the step-by-step tutorial provided with your trial.

Starting with the basic samples provided, they were able to upload their modeling DITA map and test this live, including reviewinng, setting up the templates, and publishing the resulting deliverables. Not only was the trial a success, the team could also concentrate on the content modeling, without having to manually maintain links, metadata, or validation, and speeding up DITA adoption.

100% satisfaction for support and overall Componize experience

A 100% of our testers are satisfied, rating their experience from Good to Very good.

Testers rate Componize support as 4 on a scale of 5 or did not need any support at all to complete their tests!

What our customers and partners say about the Componize trial experience:

I was able to get up and running and testing with live content on the first day!” – Technical Author.

The tutorials are unique to Componize as far as I know. Very helpful!” – Technical evaluator (IT Dept).

This trial was excellent […]. I was able to excercise all of the Componize features, including much of the API through CMIS.” – System Integration partner.

Ask for your 15-day free hosted trial

Speeding up your DITA CMS evaluation

If you would like to get your team involved, contact us to get your own DITA CMS trial experience.

The 15-day trial is open for up to 6 named users and includes:

  • Unlimited access to a dedicated collaboration site, including the online authoring tool and social features

  • Access to all out of-the-box features, including publishing

  • A step-by-step tutorial guide to test Componize features

  • Sample DITA XML files in English (other languages, including Japanese original content)

  • Full access to the Componize documentation

  • A set of accompanying short videos of features and actions

  • 100% web-based, no installation required

(1)The trial includes a “kick-off” online meeting, to get everyone started with the same level of knowledge and understanding of the environment.