In 2006, Jean-Luc Borie and Frank Shipley had the idea to streamline how companies created and managed their technical documents. This idea became Componize and ten years later, the company has evolved to become a crucial component for many companies working with structured content.

To celebrate this milestone, we are pleased to unveil our new website along with our new look. But while we have evolved visually, Componize has continued to evolve internally! We have explored new ways to successfully implement our solutions to produce technical documentation, training content, financial documents, policies and procedures, business proposals, and more. We have also successfully introduced our new SaaS offer “Componize on Demand”, and have doubled our efforts on facilitating structured authoring and contributions from casual contributors and SMEs through web-based authoring tools or MS-Word add-ons.
Finally, we are proud to introduce this month our new translation management solution that streamlines the entire translation process.

Componize is still committed in providing the best CCMS solution for our clients and our dedication has been proven over and over again throughout our history. To our current customers, we thank you for your confidence in our solutions and we hope to provide you with more exciting developments for the next ten years and on!

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