Brussels and Luxembourg, September 6th, 2013 – Acsone S. A./N. V., an independent IT services company, signed strategic partnership agreements with Syncro Soft, the publisher of oXygen XML Editor, and with Componize, the leading DITA component content management system on top of Alfresco.

“This three-party partnership supports and completes our offering in structured content management solutions regarding quality and regulation processes, fund information management, budget management and technical documentation in general. Joining our technical and commercial strengths reinforces our presence in Belgium and Luxemburg and offers a unique opportunity to our customers“, says Philippe Fontaine, Managing Director of Acsone.

oXygen XML Editor is the best XML editor available. It supports schema driven content completion and sports a highly user-friendly authoring mode where most if not all XML tags and attributes may be hidden away from the novice user. Apart from a superior standard compliance, oXygen XML Editor is also known for its excellent integration with the most used content management systems, XML databases and relational databases.

Componize is a leading component content management system preconfigured for DITA that optimizes the authoring, management and publishing of structured and semi-structured content such as product documentation or learning content. Combining enterprise-wide collaboration, ease of use, scalability and an open architecture, it provides the full range of features that organizations need today for their content strategy. The users spend less time organizing, searching for and re-doing content and more time creating real value through better reuse and faster multi-channel production. Componize is today modernizing information development for AMD, Merck and SAP, among others.

“We have the chance of covering regions with many industries and service industries. For meeting their ever shrinking time to market constraints and the ever growing regulatory restrictions, they have to streamline their document production chains and to ensure the traceability of any document dispatched to their contacts or made publicly available. In this context, the end-users must be freed as much as possible of any technical hurdle. With Componize, they no longer worry about where to find the structured content they need and how to keep the history of their changes. All assets are stored by Componize in a central place and it does a very good job at keeping track of all references between the assets even if they change over time. Combined with the user-friendly and powerful capabilities of oXygen XML Editor, Acsone is now capable of delivering to the customer a turnkey solution for producing high quality documents with an intelligent and reusable content.”, says Stéphane Bidoul, Operations Director of Acsone.

“Adapting IT systems to overcome the challenges we face in today’s business world can be daunting for companies. However, Acsone and Componize’s expertise in streamlining content management and collaborative processing helps businesses to proactively address and overcome the rapid changes required to respond to the growing complexities of operational processes. Syncro Soft are proud to share the same strong business ethics to help deliver a competitively priced solution which, and most importantly, can be easily modeled around the specific needs of the customer”, says Sarah Draper, Director of Channel Sales & Marketing at Syncro Soft Ltd.

“We are proud to call Acsone our new Partner” says Jean-Luc Borie, co-founder and CEO ofComponize. “Their team has over 20 years’ experience in solving the challenges organizations face in producing and maintaining complex business documents, and a very strong presence in Belgium and Luxembourg. We know Componize customers will be able to truly maximize the potential of the product when they’re in Acsone’s care.”

“There are several ways of doing intelligent content management ranging from a fully hand-tailored development to the customization of a commercial off-the-shelf solution”, confirms Jean-Paul Daisomont, Line Manager in Luxembourg, “oXygen XML Editor is the best of breed tool to edit effortlessly intelligent content structured in XML. It offers an excellent support for DITA and DocBook. It is easily customisable and thanks to its Java roots it can be run on virtually any modern platform, including Componize. With these partnerships, our customers can benefit of a very competitively priced solution that can be adapted very quickly to their needs thanks to the competency of our engineers in intelligent content management”.

Starting from today, oXygen XML Editor will be the preferred choice for all the structured content management solutions promoted by Acsone for its customers. It will also be used as the primary IDE at all the XML and DITA training sessions given by Acsone.

Several medium-sized companies or departments have not yet any experience in a content production chain. Developing a fully custom-made solution is too expensive and takes too much time. Acsone engineers have the required knowledge to use Componize, oXygen XML Editor and DITA for this purpose. These solutions perfectly match the needs for quickly sharing and publishing documentation to multiple channels while keeping it in a perennial format that equally facilitates its use by humans and machines.

About DITA

DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) is an XML-based OASIS standard aimed at authoring, producing and delivering technical information. It is easily extendable to cover any domains. The architectural archetype behind DITA is the decomposition of a document into the smallest possible blocs that are still meaningful. These blocs are strongly typed according to a few design principles. There is an inheritance hierarchy where the uppermost types are the generic “topic” and the “map” to associate several topics in a document. The “concept”, the “task” and the “reference” are refinements of the “topic”. New type specialisations can be added as needed to cover new information domains.

Many software companies offer solutions around DITA. Companies like AMD, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Agfa Healthcare, Sanofi, SWIFT or Mastercard Worldwide have already adopted them and the DITA usage in Europe is constantly growing.

About Syncro Soft

Syncro Soft is a privately held software company founded in 1998 with a large area of expertise in XML technologies and single source publishing. The main product oXygen XML Editor provides the best coverage of the today XML technologies; it complies with the established standards released by W3C and other organisations and enhances developers and content authors productivity through an intuitive and innovative XML IDE. Syncro Soft is a member of the W3C.

About Componize

In 2008, Jean-Luc Borie and Frank Shipley, two veterans of enterprise information systems, founded Componize Software with a key insight into the future of content management and document management, in particular. They noticed that managers were increasingly frustrated with the limitations of their current CMSes with regard to the changing demands of their customers and end-users.

They designed Componize. Componize’s first versions were built for new and emerging technology architectures such as DITA.

Within three years of Componize’s first product launch, the wave of DITA adoption in enterprises had grown dramatically. The team was well positioned to answer the call, with one of the easiest and most effective DITA CMS solutions on the market. In fact, Componize is the only DITA CMS specifically designed for new technology architectures like DITA. Componize quickly secured early marquee clients including AMD, NXP and SAP, among others. They’re integrating Componize into their existing CMS programs or launching entirely new programs in order to maximize the benefits of Componize’s DITA CMS.


Acsone SA has been founded in June 2011 and is the outcome of an MBO (Management Buy-Out) of the Services department of Software AG in Belgium and Luxembourg. Acsone teams have more than 20 years of experience in content management and in intelligent documents management.

Acsone is an independent IT services company focussing on delivering services to the European institutions, to the public administrations and to privately held companies present in Belgium and Luxembourg. Acsone employs a team of highly qualified consultants with numerous references in the financial sector (banking and insurance), in the public sector, in the energy sector and in the pharmaceutical sector. Having mostly deployed structured and intelligent content management solutions in the public sector and the pharmaceutical sector. The underlying principles can be applied to all sectors that deal with large quantities of frequently changing documentation.

Regarding DITA, Acsone offers a discovery workshop with a sound methodology to explore together with the customer’s stakeholders how to improve their existing document production chains.

It also offers training for basic and advanced users and consulting in the definition and the implementation of a DITA production chain.