This 3-day Componize Customization course will be held in our head-office in Marseille, from the 7th to the 9th of February 2011.
Beyond the course itself, it will be a unique opportunity to interact with our Lead Architect who will present the course.


The Componize customization training provides you with the necessary knowledge to perform all of the common customization tasks such as integrating custom style sheets, writing your own processing pipelines, adding a custom Document Type etc. It will also give you a detailed understanding of the Componize architecture and the open-standards that it is based on. You will also learn how to do more advanced customization tasks such as configuring metadata extractors, interceptors and synchronizers, adding support for specific link types and link properties and using the Componize extensions and APIs.


System integrators and advanced users who would like to have a detailed understanding of the Componize architecture and learn how to customize Componize for their own requirements.


3 days


Attendees should have a basic understanding of XML and have already used the Alfresco Explorer interface. Experience with the Spring framework and Alfresco content Modeling and customization would be a plus.

Attendees will be required to use their own laptops running either Windows or Linux and with a minimum configuration of 2Gb of RAM and 500Mb of free disk space. All software will be provided and installed during the training course.


Componize architecture

  • Modular, open-standards architecture
  • Componize for Alfresco integration
  • Componize extension points

Resource management

  • Introduction to URIs
  • URIs in Componize
  • Using the Componize Virtual File System (VFS)
  • Introduction to XML catalogs
  • Creating XML catalogs
  • XML catalogs in Alfresco

Document Types

  • Introduction to Document Types
  • Document Types in Componize
  • Configuring Document Types

Metadata management

  • Introduction to the Resource Description Framework (RDF)
  • RDF and Componize
  • Configuring metadata extractors and interceptors
  • Configuring metadata synchronization
  • Tagging and categorization in Alfresco

Link management

  • Introduction to XLink
  • XLink and Componize
  • Configuring link extractors and interceptors
  • Link management in Alfresco

XML Processing

  • Introduction to the XProc pipeline language
  • XProc pipelines in Componize
  • XSLT style sheets in Componize
  • XSL formatters
  • Configuring XProc pipelines in Componize
  • Running XProc pipelines in Alfresco

Alfresco extensions

  • Componize template extensions (Freemarker)
  • Componize JavaScript extensions
  • Componize web scripts (REST API)


Price per participant is €2.000 for the 3 days, and includes lunches. If you are interested in attending this training, please send us an email.