The two companies have announced a systems integration partnership with the aim to serve enterprise customers seeking modern CMS solutions with DITA component content management.

Marseille, June 8, 2011 — Componize, the only DITA/XML CMS software designed specifically for modern technology standards like DITA, and * instinctools, one of the leading providers of DITA-based authoring systems and integration services, today announced a new system integration partnership. This partnership aims at helping enterprise customers to modernize their current CMS solutions with DITA component content management (CCM).  DITA, an acronym for Darwin Information Typing Architecture, is an XML standard for creating, managing, and publishing modular, structured content.

The new partnership builds upon an already successful technology partnership between the two, with *instinctools’ robust DITA authoring system, DITAworks, complementing Componize’s powerful CCM motor for storage, linking, meta-data management and multi-channel publishing.

Their most notable joint project to date has been developing and supporting SAP Education’s move to DITA for all of the company’s training content.

Now, *instinctools also becomes a certified SI partner for Componize in Germany.

Componize is highly extensible and adaptable to customers’ current CMS solutions, with open API extensions and true native DITA support.  For this reason, the company is answering the strong demand of customers seeking to integrate the Componize DITA solution into their current CMSes or to build entirely new CMS solutions around Componize’s DITA CCM.  *instinctools professionals provide the highest quality service to such customers and can help ensure they are implementing Componize in a way that will maximize performance and minimize errors in building and integrating such large-scale and often complex infrastructures.  *instinctools’ headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany provide an added benefit for both the teams:

“We selected *instinctools for their deep knowledge of structured DITA authoring and their strong presence in the German market,” said Componize CEO Jean Luc Borie.  “They are a perfect fit for us in this dynamic and promising market where DITA is being adopted rapidly across multiple industries.”

Gunthilde Sohn, *instinctools’ Managing Director said. “The success of our initial  joint project activities with Componize showed us that Componize’s and *instinctools’ products complement each other perfectly and we are excited to take this next step by providing system integration services for Componize in Germany. The enterprises looking to adopt DITA will benefit from this addition to our service portfolio which is built on more than 10 years of experience in content management projects.”

About Componize

Componize is DITA CMS software that optimizes the collaborative production, management and publishing of high-volume, business-critical documents. Componize allows large organizations to easily transition from time-consuming and error-prone document management to the latest in DITA CMS solutions.  Today, Componize is the trusted DITA CMS for AMD, NXP and SAP, among others.

About *instinctools

*instinctools delivers software and services in the areas of custom Eclipse and Java development, consulting and implementation of single-source solutions with DITA and content management projects. With DITAworks, *instinctools provides an integrated authoring platform for modeling, authoring and publication of complex documentation. *instinctools has over ten years of experience in the successful implementation of innovative software solutions and is a member of the Eclipse Foundation and tekom.

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