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Componize was already one of the more powerful, flexible, enterprise-scaled DITA Content Management Systems on the market. Componize is perfectly adapted to handle high volumes of DITA content and made for collaboration on a large scale, and it is already at the heart of many global content management projects. Now, with its new user interface and enhanced collaboration capabilities, Componize is among the most pleasant and easy-to-use DITA content management systems available.
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Componize DITA CMS v1.5

Share and collaborate even more effectively with Componize

New User Interface — Tap into the refined, modern browser-based interface with key HTML-5 functionalities like drag-and-drop upload. Users can now preview files as virtually any common file type : DITA XML, MS Office documents, videos, audio, Adobe files, and iWork files.

Pre-configured and customizable workflows — Building and automating workflows streamlines your content processing and publishing. Componize is built to handle large and extensive workflows, facilitating company-wide interaction and collaboration. Use either pre-configured settings or create your own. Componize’s workflow engine is compatible with the latest BPMN 2.0 standard, and can be configured using a graphical modeling tool.

Social Interaction — Users can “like” content, tag space and component as favorites, “follow” other users and see content activity streams, creating effective team collaboration that is tailor-made for the workplace. In addition, users can easily publish content to various social media channels directly from within Componize DITA CMS.

Get subject matter experts involved with easy-to-use XML editors

Your technical writers are using DITA and you need your experts and reviewers to contribute directly to the content. Contributing within Componize is now easier than ever.

Componize integrates MS Word as an XML authoring tool — In addition to the compatibility with the main XML editors on the market, Componize DITA CMS v1.5 can be seamlessly integrated with Content Mapper. You can create, edit, manage and publish DITA documents from within Microsoft Word. Additionally, with the MS Word to DITA transformation engine, .docx documents can simply be dragged and dropped into Componize to convert them into proper DITA topics. The technical complexities are “behind the scenes” and the focus stays on content creation.

“Bring down the walls” for your external contributors

Content creation and information management requires several internal and external contributors. For any given piece of information, a number of contractors, editors, translators, and employees may need access to update or modify. Cloud connected content is the solution: information is viewable from inside or outside the firewall – and yet still able to be managed and controlled by the enterprise.

Collaborate Via the Cloud — With the newest updates to Componize, you can now collaborate with users outside the firewall, while a system of permissions allows you to maintain control of your corporate content assets.

Tablets and Mobile Devices— Your content is now viewable with your tablet or mobile device. You can easily view and comment on content, wherever you may be at any moment.


About Componize

Componize is ECM software that optimizes the production, management and publishing of high-volume documents such as product documentation and e-learning content. It allows large organizations to benefit from the latest innovations in DITA Component Content Management. Spend less time organizing, searching for and re-doing content, and more time creating real value through better reuse and faster, multi-channel production. Componize is today modernizing business information management for AMD, SAP and NXP, among others.

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