Aix-en-Provence, France – August 5, 2014 – Componize Software has introduced a new release management feature to its Componize on-demand and on-premises solutions. It is always possible to compare any two branches and merge changes in one direction or the other. Controlling updates has never been easier.

Content development teams can convert any folder into a release management tree and create new branches for a new release, a new feature, to try out an idea or to fix a previous release.

Branch Management. The team can create a branch from another branch, a selection of files, or a previous release. The online editor shows on which branch each author is currently working.

Release management. The content curator can create an archive of the content for final documentation releases or project milestones. These archives can be downloaded as ZIP files. The team can create a branch from a previous snapshot, fix the content, and republish. Changes made to one branch can then be pushed to the current content.

Compare and merge. The team can use a development branch and a main branch. When the content is ready for release, the merge action pushes the changes from the development branch to the main branch. Before the merge, a summary of changes is presented to the authors and a file-per-file diff is also directly available.

History. Each branch has a history showing its origin, all releases and merges. Merge comments and new versions are created for each updated file in the target branches.

Dashboard and shortcuts. Each collaboration site provides an overall view of branches plus direct access to each branch. A person collaborating in several sites can have several views, one per site, in his personal dashboard.

Coupled with specific permissions, Componize release management provides a controlled and browser-based interface for local and remote teams.


Sneak peek: controlling your DITA content life cycle with branches & merge.