Marseille, France, February 20 2012.

Componize Software, a provider of DITA XML Component Content Management System that optimizes the collaborative production of business-critical documents announces a new business relationship with Simply XML. Simply XML is the provider of Content Mapper,TM a Word to XML authoring tool which Componize Software will distribute with a full integration to their DITA CCM called ComponizeTM for AlfrescoTM.

“We are excited to work with Simply XML to continue to deliver leading-edge XML-based software solutions to industry-leading, international companies across multiple sectors,” said Jean-Luc Borie, CEO of Componize. “We look forward to serving our customers’ enterprise level needs for an efficient and effective publishing supply chain and to a successful partnership.”

Content Mapper with the Componize integration allows users to create, edit, manage and publish DITA documents from within Microsoft Word and use the full capabilities of a DITA XML CMS, includingcollaboration, faster publishing, living links, and maximized metadata. Content Mapper manages all the XML behind the scenes so that writers can create their documents using the familiar Microsoft Word interface. It can be easily configured to customers’ requests for workflow, metadata, publishing, and legacy import.

Componize for Alfresco is a unique product that allows content managers to have a single solution for all of their enterprise and component content management needs. It allows customers to maximize the possibilities for content reuse, multichannel publishing, team productivity and content quality improvements.

Together, Content Mapper and Componize will meet the broad needs of large and small commercial and government organizations, including the ability to reuse content, publish to the needs of specific audiences, improve translation efficiency, and leverage content created by anyone in the organization.

“Our relationship plays a major role in the success of our product lines and helps us continue to be a leader in the DITA authoring environment,” stated Doug Gorman, CEO of Simply XML. “Componize has the experience, knowledge and superior CMS to do just that and we are thrilled to partner with them.”

About Componize

Componize is DITA CMS software that optimizes the collaborative production, management and publishing of high-volume, business-critical documents. Componize allows large organizations to easily transition from time-consuming and error-prone document management to the latest in DITA CMS solutions. Today, Componize is the trusted DITA CMS for AMD, Kaplan, NXP and SAP, among others.

About Simply XML

Simply XML provides simple, easy to use solutions for creating and publishing XML content from Microsoft® Word. Creating, managing, and publishing content with Content Mapper minimizes costs and ensures control and efficiency across your organization. Their goal is to allow enterprises to take advantage of information standards, like DITA, by providing authors with simple tools for creating valid, high-quality XML.

Componize Contact

Jean-Luc Borie, CEO
+33 628 848 252

Simply XML Contact

Doug Gorman, CEO
+1 (781) 209-5451