Today Componize releases its 1.4 version, the most up to date DITA CMS available.

The new version includes several feature and interface updates that at once respond to key customer needs while also setting new precedents for DITA / structured content management system capabilities.

Componize clients include e-learning & education leaders Kaplan and SAP Education – both of whom are currently building and/or operating their enterprise-wide instructional design & content management systems with Componize at the core.  Both Kaplan & SAP have already been using advance versions of 1.4 in production phases of their projects.

Other clients that will move to 1.4 include technology and design leaders AMD, NXP and EskoArtwork.

In particular the new version updates the following features and capabilities:

  • Support for DITA 1.2, the latest DITA standard.  This includes the DITA learning & training specialization,
  • Antenna House integration, allowing for easy PDF generation,
  • XML Schema support & XML validation support, expanding the user’s flexibility in designing, defining and validating their content components & end-products,
  • Support for the latest versions of Alfresco (Alfresco Enterprise 3.4.5, Alfresco Community 3.4.d).  Alfresco and Componize are seamlessly integrated allowing customers the benefits of full enterprise content management and structured / component content management in one package.

“We’re proud of how 1.4 allows us to move forward on an exciting and aggressive product roadmap,” says CTO Frank Shipley.  “It provides our customers with the latest of everything the most modern technology standards and processes have to offer for component content management.”

“It means faster, more efficient content development,” says CEO Jean-Luc Borie.  “In today’s enterprise, the quantities of content are so immense, customers have to have the most sophisticated technology available in order to make the trains run, and run on time.  Componize provides that engine.”

As Jean-Luc Borie points out, structured content management is not just about product documentation anymore.  Organizations like SAP Education and Kaplan rely on Componize to help produce their key products:  learning and training content.

Version 1.4 will be followed by version 1.5 before end of year.  That version will include support for Alfresco 4.0, including Alfresco Share.  Componize is already working with an early version of Alfresco Share 4.0 and can attest to the product’s robust design improvements & new, collaborative interface.

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