Componize Software will release the latest DITA CMS during CIDM’s Content Management Strategies/DITA North America, in Providence, Rhode Island.

CMS/DITA North America is the premier conference for technical and business content management, providing valuable information on management, authoring, technical solutions and emerging technologies. CMS/DITA North America will take place from April 15-17. Componize is CMS/DITA North America conference sponsor for the fourth year running.

At our booth, conference-goers can get a full demonstration of the newly-released version of Componize DITA CMS, with exciting features such as:

  • web-based authoring with oXygen,
  • collaboration and reviews,
  • version comparison on a collection of topics,
  • apps for iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

And, we’ll be joined by newest US partners, Flatirons Solutions.

Let’s talk DITA Open Toolkit and Collaboration best practices

Our own CTO Frank Shipley will be part of the double panel session on DITA Open Toolkit.

The panel will address questions from the DITA community on DITA-OT’s publishing architecture. Shipley and the other panel members will discuss DITA-OT development, deployment, improvement and training, addressing critical issues.

And, learn about collaboration with casual authors with Componize’s Presales Consultant Nolwenn Kerzreho. Her conference presentation will expose how to best collaborate and engage with non-technical writers and provide tips on workflows and management to achieve your goals.


To learn more about Frank and Nolwenn’s presentations, and the other presentations at CMS/DITA North America, and the conference schedule, visit the CMS/DITA North America conference website.

For more information about our new partner, visit Flatirons Solutions website.