Systems integration partnership will form a trio with instinctools* to offer robust tools and services for enterprise customers seeking modern CMS solutions with DITA component content management

Marseille, November 24, 2011 — Componize, the only DITA/XML CMS software designed specifically for modern technology standards, and Westernacher, a leading global IT consulting firm with roots in Germany, have formed a new system integration partnership.

The team will in fact consist of a trio with instinctools*, one of the leading providers of DITA-based authoring systems, DITA Works, to offer a complete and proven set of tools and services enterprises need when building and managing DITA XML component content management systems.

DITA, an acronym for Darwin Information Typing Architecture, is an OASIS XML standard for creating, managing, and publishing modular, structured content.

The three partners have proven the success of their combined skills and offerings by developing and supporting SAP Education’s move to DITA for all of the company’s training content.  As the SAP project charges through several phases of development, Componize, Westernacher and instinctools* teams will also bring the experience of this massive launch to other Germany-based multinationals.

Jean-Luc Borie, Componize CEO: “We are proud to call Westernacher our new Partner.  Their consulting services in Enterprise Content Management are second to none.  With such rock-solid services and instinctools* leading DITAworks authoring, we know the power of Componize’s DITA CMS will be maximized for each and every German client.”

“We have worked with Componize for over two years on the SAP project,” said Dr. Michael Schäfer, CEO of Westernacher.  “Today, we are excited about what it allows us to offer other enterprises in terms of speed and ease of managing highly complex and technical content.  Componize was built for open standards like DITA XML, and frankly, it just works.”

German businesses have been some of the early adopters of DITA for technical and training content, and their ranks are growing quickly.  With both Westernacher and instinctools* headquartered in Germany, the trio is pleased to be able to provide services designed by those who understand the market and its business culture best.

Westernacher will host a first webinar highlighting the new, integrated offering, on November 29th.

About Componize

Componize is DITA CMS software that optimizes the collaborative production, management and publishing of high-volume, business-critical documents. Componize allows large organizations to easily transition from time-consuming and error-prone document management to the latest in DITA CMS solutions.  Today, Componize is the trusted DITA CMS for AMD, NXP and SAP, among others.

About Westernacher

Westernacher is an integrated business and IT consulting firm with a strong SAP practice and a lot of experience in Enterprise Open Source Solutions. With more than 200 professionals worldwide, 12 locations in Europe, USA and Asia, Westernacher has been a trusted service provider for its customers since 1969. Being an Alfresco Platinum Partner since 2006, the company has more than 5 years of experience in the content management market.

About *instinctools

*instinctools delivers software and services in the areas of custom Eclipse and Java development, consulting and implementation of single-source solutions with DITA and content management projects. With DITAworks, *instinctools provides an integrated authoring platform for modeling, authoring and publication of complex documentation. *instinctools has over ten years of experience in the successful implementation of innovative software solutions and is a member of the Eclipse Foundation and tekom.

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