Digital asset management (DAM) consists of management tasks and decisions surrounding the ingestion, annotation, cataloging, storage, retrieval and distribution of digital assets. Digital assets are classified as images, multimedia (animations, videos and music) and textual content files. Digital asset management systems include computer software and hardware systems that aid in the process of digital asset management.

DAM and Componize

DAM is one of the features at the core of Alfresco. Remember? Alfresco is an Enterprise Content Management systems designed to be offer services throughout the organization. And his includes designer, marketing and communication teams and all of their digital libraries.

This means the files can be indexed, cataloged, labelled (with tags), otherwise enriched with metadata, searched, previewed and/or played, linked to, versioned, reverted, downloaded…

Access control, rights and permissions

As for the other assets in Componize, good management implies that access is controlled to the resources. The technical publication may want to make the media files available to the marketing team but not provide editing and deletion rights to that team.

As teams can be modeled in groups and subgroups, people with special needs or in dotted line to more than one team can be included in several groups.

Publishing and sharing

It is also possible to make the assets available outside of the organization’s system by sharing the content. This possibility is even more developed in Alfresco 5. The assets can be viewed in special displays, including gallery view and filmstrip.

As for publishing, several renditions can be included in Componize publishing pipelines… the pipeline for the Web output can reference and include the smaller rendition of the image and the PDF pipeline the high quality rendition.

Whatever your DAM requirements, Componize and Alfresco can help.

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Digital Asset Management in Componize


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