Enhanced teamwork with Componize

Great content comes from great teamwork. But today’s business environment is fast-paced and increasingly international. Componize makes today’s teamwork a breeze with innovative tools made for business together, no matter where you are. It’s collaboration, updated.

Content creation and information management requires many internal and external contributors, at the office or from afar. For any given piece of information, a number of contractors, editors, translators, and employees may need access to update or modify. Tools that facilitate team communication are perfectly integrated into the Componize user interface, making it easy for even the largest of teams to collaborate and stay connected, driving your business forward.

Collaboration Sites

Create one site with a common repository for your collaborators and enforce an effective reuse strategy. With Componize, your customizable dashboard is your content management homepage, with all of your favorite documents within reach. Plus, users can like content, favorite and follow spaces and components, follow other users and see activity streams, creating effective team collaboration that is tailor-made for the workplace.

Creating a new collaboration site

Collaboration outside the firewall

Componize lets you collaborate with users outside of your company and outside of your firewall (partners, clients, translation agencies, etc.) A system of permissions allows you to maintain control of your corporate content assets, meaning you can use one tool for your content needs, no matter where your contributor is. Your collaborators stay connected, your content stays secure and your business keeps moving forward.

More than XML

Componize is capable of much more than just XML content management. Your rich media is at home in the Componize environment: images, videos, audio and even standard office documents. All of your content is managed in the same way, and best practices are shared across the board.

Social Media Features

Wikis, discussion forums and groups, Componize makes it simple to facilitate communication within teams and between collaborators. Your collaborators are more engaged, facilitating adoption and encouraging discussion within your team.

Checking the team’s activity

Tablets and Mobile Devices

Componize is now compatible with new mobile applications. Send Componize-produced content to any mobile device, and take your collaborative capabilities to the next level. Your collaborators and team-members can quickly and easily view and comment on content, wherever they may be.

Reading from the iPad