Producing content has never been this easier

Who, what, where, when, why. Basic questions that you can’t always answer when it comes to your content. Your content may not be alive, but its lifecycle can sure be pretty hectic. And it helps to know the 5Ws. Once you created the content, it is modified, linked, submitted for reviews, and validated a number of times. Keeping track of permissions, versions, responsibility and archival is essential. Each step of your content’s lifecyle can be managed within Componize, so you know who has access to each part of your information, who is next on the validation chain, when each edit was made and by whom.


Keeping track of a large number of users can be a headache. It is essential to keep information safe, prevent human errors, and provide your teams with a user interface tailored to their needs. Within Componize, administrators can apply specific roles to users. Change the rights on a site, a space, or even an individual file and prevent an unaware user from accidentally modifying critical information. Each user has access to the content that they need: nothing more, nothing less.

  • Groups and subgroups facilitate the administration and maintenance of large user bases.
  • Easily create or change default roles, as default roles are nothing more than an aggregation of smaller sub-roles.
  • Apply unique rights that correspond to different areas of your information library.
  • Rights are automatically inherited from one site to sub-sites. This inheritance can be easily disabled or changed when the need arises.


Workflows are an integral part of the collaborative process. With powerful content management and publishing pipelines, creating an end-to-end documentation supply chain has never been so easy. Extensible and customized workflows will increase your team’s productivity and help them concentrate on developing high-value information. Customize workflows, or use one of Componize’s workflows right out-of-the-box. Automate your workflows to kickstart the review and validation processes, speed up your content production chain and achieve a better time to market for source and target languages.

  • Out-of-the-box variants of review and approve workflows will get you started quickly. You can also design and deploy new workflows to match the specifics of your content life cycle.
  • Componize uses a powerful and flexible workflow engine to automate your workflows called Activiti. Activiti supports the standard for designing business processes workflows, BPMN 2.0, and allows graphical design of processes and workflows.


Versioning helps you track the evolution of your content. When several people are working on one item, versioning and tracking changes is even more of the essence. With effective versioning, you can easily track document releases. Componize helps you make sure that you are in control.

  • Componize’s automated versioning helps you know what changes were made, by whom and when.
  • With each change, Componize automatically updates with major or minor versions and allows you to add precision with comments.
  • Authors can revert to a previous version or see a preview of the differences between any two versions.
  • Creating a tag of a collection creates a full archive.
  • Export all resources used by a specific map as an archive.

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