Easy Import and Export

Imports and exports make the world’s economy turn, and they do the same for your DITA content lifecycle. With Componize, importing and exporting your DITA content has never been so simple.

Componize’s import and export system relies on the open standard strategy. You can not only upload and use XML content provided by any third party, but you can also provide XML content as well. By using an open standard and storing your content as native XML with Componize, your content is durable and accessible long into the future. You can rely on Componize to maintain your content integrity.

Componize allows you to import and export your content based upon dependencies, not on file hierarchies. This means that when a file is exported, all resources are automatically exported with it.

  • Drag and drop multiple files directly into the Componize environment.
  • Export a DITA Map and all of its dependent topics and images, wherever they may be in the file system, to a single ZIP archive.
  • Re-import and extract content from a ZIP file into the repository. Componize automatically checks your links and metadata, validates the XML so you can get started right away.
  • You can also import your content in bulk using FTP or HTTP access.

Drag and drop files and folder structures