Discover simultaneous multi-channel publishing, just one of the many great time-saving features from Componize

Publish your content to multiple channels with a few clicks. You can run several publications in parallel to produce an extensive range of publications. And Componize’s unique XProc publishing pipeline system helps you do it 15x faster. It makes your output processing quicker and multi-channel, increasing performance and throughput while reducing complexity.

What you can do

  • Run multiple pipelines in parallel, in the foreground or background.
  • Achieve simple and simultaneous publications of the same content for multiple formats, up to 15 times faster than the competition.
  • Customize layouts and formatting of your documents using XProc XML pipeline languages and XSLT and CSS stylesheets.
  • Set up conditional publishing to easily create variants of the same document: change the resolution of images for web output
  • Select the pipelines to publish print, web, and ebook outputs.

Achieve simple and simultaneous DITA publications of the same content for multiple formats, up to 15 times faster than the competition.

Output Formats and Standards

XML Catalogs

  • Componize provides support for XML Catalogs, another OASIS standard.
  • XML catalogs are used to identify your customized stylesheets and specialized DTDs or Schemas.
  • With XML catalogs you can publish your content to multiple channels, using different stylesheets, all at the same time.

XML Pipelines

  • Componize uses its own XML pipeline language and W3C standard called XProc.
  • Componize has out-of-the-box support for all standard DITA and DocBook transformations.
  • Publish to PDF, EPUB, XHTML, Web Help, Eclipse Help, CHM and RTF.
  • Trigger publishing with events, automate in batches, or associate with a workflow.
  • Componize comes bundled with Apache FOP so that you can create PDF files from standard XSL-FO style sheets.
  • Componize also supports leading PDF renderers such as RenderX XEP and Antenna House, and you can switch PDF renderers in a snap.