This year’s NL DITA conference will include lots of practical sessions on both the technology and deployment of DITA, emphasis on end-user experiences and real-case business benefits. Subjects will cover translation, content management, authoring, content migration, collaboration, agile development, e-learning and more.

Join Frank, the Componize team and our Netherlands SI Partners, VLC, in a hands-on environment of discussions and demonstrations.  For us, doing DITA right means developing solutions that are truly supportive of the standard so that customers have the most control over their CMS.  Take it from David Heijl, our client and presenter at NL DITA (“Case study: DITA implementation at EskoArtwork“) who will be discussing how EskoArtwork implemented Componize for Alfresco for their complex software documentation needs.

For more information about the conference, contact Reka Lopez.