Good content depends on good, efficient authoring

Implementing Componize is a breeze, because each team can use the tools that they love. Easier adoption means an easier transition and a quicker learning curve.

Componize is an adaptable environment: whether you prefer editing on or offline, in standard XML authoring view or in WYSIOO (What You See Is One Option). Choose your favorite desktop XML editor, an MS Word plug-in, or an online XML editor.

Authoring, Your Way

Componize allows you to edit DITA XML with built-in connectors for some of the most widely-used editors and engines.

  • Standalone editors: oXygen (with our connector) or any other XML editor (via WebDAV)
  • Browser-based,  easy-to-use XML editing tool for SMEs: AuthorBridge, FontoXML and oXygen Web Author
  • MS Word add-in Content Mapper

Access More Tools

Access DITA XML content in the repository directly from any XML authoring tool that uses standard access protocols such as WebDAV, Windows network share (CIFS) or CMIS.

Read more about standards in Componize.

Componize is DITA CMS that can be used by technical writers and subject-matter-experts (SMEs) such as engineers, technicians, product managers, etc