Lost in Translation? Find your way with Componize!

Overwhelmed with your translations? Componize can automatically track the translation status of your content, package the source content that needs to be translated and take care of the translation process behind the scenes, notifying the right people along the way. The translated content comes back to be automatically integrated, taking into account any local changes.

By streamlining the process and controlling what is being translated, you reduce your translation costs and also improve the visibility of the translation projects. Our great features, such as Dynamic Tracking, Partial translations or Smart Merge sets us apart from our competitors!

Multiple source languages

Componize manages your translations from a number of source languages to any target languages. Translate French to Swahili to Russian, if you have the right translators.

Partial translations

By default, the solution detects which files have changed and should be exported for translation. You can also decide to send only part of your content, or update some languages at different times.
You can also integrate translated content in as many steps as you want.

Dynamic tracking

You can continue working on the source language content while there are translations in progress – the solution keeps track of what happens.

Smart merge

If you want to fix a typo within a translated content folder, you can do it even if there is an external translation in progress. The solution will integrate the fix with the new content.

Automatic updates

When you make changes in the source content that do not require actual translation, such as changes in filenames, folder structures or non-translatable resources, they are propagated to the translated content transparently at the next translation cycle.

Translation Dashboard

You can see in one glance what is the translation status of your content, at the file level, for all languages.


The Translation Management module is designed to closely follow your own translation process: you may have in-house translators, external translators, a translation agency or a Translation Memory System, and we will adjust the translation management workflow to your organization. Meanwhile, the default workflow exports and imports ZIP archives, to provide you with the most flexible option out of the box.