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Best Practices 16-18 September – Savannah Georgia

Best Practices is the premier annual conference for managers of information development, training, and support. Join this community of industry colleagues to benefit from their best ideas and innovations.

Join our keynote speaker, Allison Cerra, Vice President of Global Marketing & Communications for Alcatel-Lucent in understanding how technology is changing not only how we communicate but influencing how we think about ourselves, our teams, and our customers.

Lavacon 21-23 October – Portland Oregon

LavaCon 2013 offers four days of breakout sessions and hands-on workshops on content strategy and multichannel digital publishing. Choose from 112 sessions and workshops—our largest program to date!

It’s one thing to hear people talk about implementing successful content strategies, it’s another to speak with peers who are successfully doing it. See how companies are overcoming corporate publishing challenges in our new Case Studies track.

The companies presenting case studies in our 2013 program include Cisco Systems, Oracle, Red Hat, VMware, Juniper Networks, SAS, Sage Software,, and more!

DITA Europe 18-19 November – Munich Germany

If you’re thinking about implementing the OASIS DITA standard for structured content in your organization—if you’re just getting started and need more direction—if you’re experienced and want to learn more about the innovations introduced in DITA 1.2 and planned for DITA 1.3, join us in Munich in November. CIDM provides a community for those who believe that international standards, structured content, reuse capabilities, and multiple media delivery are the right directions.