This is the recording of the webinar we gave on June 12, 2014.

You may think that an efficient versioning, branch and merge solution is all that we need to manage our DITA source files and releases effectively. There are subtle differences however, between configuration management (versioning, branch and merge) and release management.

After a thorough analysis of our requirements for DITA release management, the presenter will share his knowledge of software release management and identify the methods and tools that are widely used by software developers and that are as equally applicable in the information development world.

Fifteen minutes will be reserved at the end or the webinar for questions and to discuss your own release management challenges with Frank Shipley, Componize Chief Technical Officer.

We still have a lot to learn about DITA release management, so why not start by learning from people who have been doing something similar, successfully, for years!

About the presenter

Frank Shipley is CTO at Componize Software. After a long and rich career in the automotive industry, Frank worked for several years as a freelance consultant and training instructor specialized in XML technologies and enterprise content management. Frank’s interest in DITA dates back to 2005, and he has been authoring content with DITA ever since. Frank co-founded Componize Software in 2008 with the objective of commercializing a new and innovative framework for XML content and Component Content Management.