This is the recording of the webinar we gave with Alfresco Software on the 30th of September 2010. Sound is not perfect (there is an echo in parts), but we will soon post new screencasts showing our latest version 1.3, so be patient!

Original announcement:

Does your organization produce complex business documents such as:

  • Product or technical documentation
  • Learning and training content
  • Legal documents

If so, you may know that adopting XML and structured content leads to a streamlined document production process, reduced costs, and addresses specific challenges such as:

  • Multichannel publishing
  • Reuse of content
  • Content translation, etc.

You may then have heard about DITA, an XML-based open standard from OASIS for creating and publishing reusable content. DITA has been quickly adopted by global companies, and has become one of the fastest-growing and most widely adopted standards in the technical publishing industry.

But you may also have noticed that successfully adopting DITA in the real world seems to require a significant investment in specialized software and training that erodes the benefits of DITA.

In this webinar, you will see how Componize, an XML content management and publishing system, is seamlessly integrated with Alfresco to provide one of the most complete and easy-to-use DITA Component Content Management (CCM) solution.

We will also discuss how to leverage the full open standards architecture of Componize to customize content processes, extend support to any specific DTDs, or build powerful XML content applications on top of Componize open APIs.

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