The information you need is not necessarily stored all in one place.

There is no one filing cabinet where all your content is kept, and you certainly don’t want to add another one. Componize lets you continue using the storage that you already have.

Each storage source is another place to spend time searching for information and worrying about having the latest version and dealing with copy and pasting. This results in a loss of time and efficiency. Componize allows you to keep your current storage situation by going directly to the source for you, meaning that your data is accessible and usable wherever it’s stored. The integrity of your content is maintained across the board.

Componize allows you to automatically inject content into a publishing pipeline from various storage sources.

The Componize Virtual File Server supports the following content sources:

  • Standard file system
  • HTTP server
  • FTP server
  • XML database
  • Alfresco repository
  • Java classpath memory-based temporary file system
  • Your own content source

The Virtual File Server, using the XML catalog standard, allows you to further extend your conditional publishing pipelines.