Inline with the latest technologies

Standardization makes life easier. Think about it: electrical plugs, printer paper, even the number of hours in a day, it’s all about standards. Know that when you choose Componize, you’re choosing reliability.

Componize fully supports the latest DITA standard. Driven by the OASIS board, a consortium in charge of XML technologies and standards, today DITA has confirmed its path forward as the standard for technical information, and is revolutionizing content strategy in many industries.

Open Standard Strategy

Componize is built exclusively on open standards such as DITA, RDF and XProc. These standards are supported by well-established consortiums such as W3C and OASIS. Since Componize works with open standards, there is no vendor lock-in and businesses will always benefit from these sustainable formats. For decades to come all the business information will be accessible and re-workable. Grow your CMS or take it completely apart and choose something new since you’re working in standards, your content will remain untouched and available for whatever supportive management system is around it.

Open APIs

With open APIs, Componize is probably the most extensible DITA CMS on the market. Simply put, open APIs are well-defined and documented computing interfaces programed to allow software programs to more readily talk to each other. They give developers the capability to build enhanced applications and services around information stored within Componize.

  • Componize Public JAVA API: access all the standard services and features from within your own Java code.
  • Public Rest API: provides remote access to main services
  • Standard XProc : create your own processing and publishing pipelines

Download the Datasheet here

Full DITA and DocBook support

  • Componize is packaged with the latest DITA and DocBook DTDs, XML schemas and stylesheets.
  • Componize also contains the latest stable version of the DITA Open Toolkit.

Custom? Multiple DTDs? Constrained DITA? They are supported too. A simple declaration is enough to get started.

Other DTDs

  • Other DTDs and stylesheets can be added at will.
  • Use automated validation and recognition of XML content against DTDs and XML schemas.


Componize supports the following standard access protocols:

  • CMIS
  • CIFS
  • WebDAV
  • FTP
  • XML:DB
  • NFS
  • JCF (JSR-170)