This post-conference workshop at Lavacon will provide you with presentations and practical examples of content control over the entire product lifecycle.

From authoring to delivery and back

The session is handled and organized by Joe Gollner from Gnostyx Research Inc. Technologies and tools showcased during the workshop include:

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Attending the conference is not mandatory to register for the workshop. If you are undecided about going to Lavacon, watch this 3-minute video presentation:

Fluid Topics, by Antidot, makes use of topics in their native DITA format in order to leverage the consistency and richness of their structure: by combining Semantic Web technologies for content modeling and enrichment, advanced Web 2.0 interfaces and social oriented features Fluid Topics changes the way users access, read and value the documentation.

Joe Gollner is the Director of Gnostyx Research Inc., a company he founded to help organizations come to grips with their content in ways that are sustainable and scalable. His particular specialty revolves around leveraging open standards and intelligent content technologies to build solutions that connect the myriad of sources and processes that underlie how an enterprise performs and what it publishes. Along this line, he has led over 100 content management initiatives during the last twenty years, with several of these representing the high water mark in the industry for sophistication and scale.